Why We're Different


The mission of Big Sky Dental is to provide quality dental care to our patients. To have our patients’ quality of life improved would be our greatest accomplishment. Always striving to perform excellent dentistry demands continued learning. Transferring this knowledge to our patients ensures our patients are receiving the best treatment.


Dr. Knable's Vision

I am a successful dentist who loves knowledge and creativity and can combine them in my personal and professional lives to create things of beauty.

My desire for knowledge has driven me to seek out educational opportunities beyond the expectations of my patients. This has given me the ability to provide my patients with exceptional dental care.

I desire to be on the cutting edge of technology. I believe that this will enable me to provide the best care for my patients. This often entails higher overhead as new equipment and processes are implemented, however patient care is worth the investment.

We have committed ourselves to exceeding our patients’ needs and expectations. Our patients’ care is our first and only responsibility and they are the most important person to us when in the office.

Our schedule has been well tuned to allow us to work efficiently. This allows us to provide the best care to our patients while reducing stress. Our schedule parameters are predetermined to outline specific procedures per day. These guidelines are not ignored because the doctor’s time is valuable.

Our team knows how to relate to patients and a relaxed and safe environment is created naturally. We enjoy laughter and take pleasure in sharing it with our patients. We are usually light-hearted and get along with most people. This creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The care we provide to our patients gives them confidence in the choice they have made in our practice. This empowers them to tell friends and family of our office. This will help grow our practice.

We have an obligation to educate individuals, when they become our patients, about dental care. We also have a personal burden of educating the general public. This is done through educational lectures given by Dr. Knable as well as educational radio advertisements. These are designed to raise the dental I.Q. of Great Falls and surrounding areas.

We have a robust and efficient post-op care program that lets the patients know that we care for their comfort and health after the appointment. This involves a follow-up phone call to check on the patient as well as the work we provided.

Our commitment to excellence, education and advancement has differentiated us among our peers. We are known for providing the best care available while utilizing the best technology for the procedure.

I have been blessed with a loving and supportive family. The best part of my day is, and always will be, when I see them at the end of the day. I am grateful for the opportunity my practice has given me to provide my family with a stable and secure future.