My tooth extraction by Dr. Knable was completed in a matter of minutes, painless and professional. The Dr. and his caring and friendly staff are the best I’ve seen to date.

- Vince Konesky
Surprise, Arizona


When I went to the Dentist
When you go to the right dentist it can be fun. In the waiting room I watched a dog and a man cartoon about cleaning teeth. It was really funny. Next I went in a room where a nice lady cleaned my teeth. It didn't hurt one bit and my teeth felt super! After that I went into a different room where there were really cool tools to fix your teeth. There was one machine I liked best. It was a water laser that cleaned out the cavity. First Dr. Knable showed me how it felt on my hand. It felt like a hard, fast, force of cold water. After that he used it on my teeth and it didn't hurt at all!! When Dr. Knable was done his assistant, Ashley, put cool caramel colored fluoride stuff on my teeth. Then came the best part, getting into the Treasure Box!! I had a great time at the dentist office.

- By: Shiloh


A very big thank you for the care and compassion you all show during my visits and problems I have had. Dr. Jason, your way of making a person more at ease and your talking to me instead of talking over my head has been remarkable! I have lost 99% of my fear of going to the dentist with you. I would have never thought that would be possible. If only I had you and your people care for me many years ago!

- Great Falls


I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you and each one of your office & dental staff members for accommodating me with my emergent dental needs. Everyone was very polite and helpful and put me at ease. I appreciate the extra effort made in getting me seen on a timely manner and in assisting in getting another provider to get my extraction taken care of.

- Great Falls


Want you to know, I feel so blessed I have found you to be my dentist. As you know, I've always had such a fear and because of it, I have neglected my teeth. With your knowledge and patience, I know you will continue to be very successful! Thank you for being you.

- Great Falls

You and your staff are amazing!!! I was do happy u got him in when his tooth broke!! Thank you so are great

-North Dakota

I am so glad that I went to Doctor Knable with my tooth issues. Not only is he very good and seem to really care about his patients, but they also have state of the art x-ray so you can actually see for yourself what is wrong.

-Great Falls

Went to the dentist this week. I had probably the best dentist in the world. Thanks Jason Knable. I've never been one to be calm when even thinking about the dentist he kept me feeling calm and had a great experience.  I know were I'm going to go back to.feeling blessed.

-Great Falls